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The mission of the National Reparations Institute, Inc. is to provide comprehensive research, to develop public policy and to publish research findings and policy recommendations on behalf of the millions of Black holocaust decedents in America who are owed restitution.


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“I have examined many attempts at computational analyses for reparations. The Declaration contains  both the qualitative and quantitative elements for determining reparations for Black people in North  America and throughout the African diaspora. It is a document that should be read by all people serious  about gaining reparations for Black people in the diaspora.” 

Raymond A. Winbush, Ph.D.  
Director, Institute for Urban Research  
Morgan State University

Complete Reparations

The process by which a nation of people is provided with the means to repair and restore their condition, achieve complete decolonization, and make themselves whole through the ability to self-govern, self-sustain and self-defend, with their own independent land mass, economy, education, culture and high civilization.

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