October 8, 9 & 10. Times TBA

Please join the National Reparations Summit Inc., for its second annual W.E.B. Dubois and Queen Mother Moore national Ndaba (Great Gathering) on Friday, July 30 thru August 1, 2020. Now is the time to consolidate the reparations movement, control our own narrative, and draft the National Declaration for Reparations.

Student/Youth - $10

(Virtual/On Site All 3-days)

General Admission - $20

(Virtual/On site All 3-days)

Organizations - $40

(One Representative and One Alternate)
(Virtual/On site All 3-days)

“If political unity can be used at times on the same project, with the same tactics and strategies, with the same resources that is unity in the most powerful form. But wisdom must decide when operational unity or political unity is best. This is the reason for an occasional summit, Ndaba or a Great Sitting Down.”
Dr. Ronald H. Walters

This virtual Ndaba will be different from other summits on reparations in four ways:

  1. Rather than speeches and presentations, the three days will be a work session that will produce a nationally agreed upon declaration document, unified strategy and timeline for implementation.

  2. The purpose of the Ndaba is to make reparations a reality for Blacks in America by 2026.

  3. A cross section of the nation’s leading Black reparationists, Black cultural leaders, Black activists, Black youth and Black scholars reflecting diverse theological, political and philosophical ideology will participate (no schism or exclusion).

  4. With such diversity in thought, we will adopt the Collective Culture Model to ground us in the actual process and methodology. Reparations will happen as soon as we are able to consolidate and secure the efforts of our existing leaders and organizations within economics, education, culture, sociology, public policy and spirituality.

Please prepare yourself to be a part of this virtual Ndaba by selecting one representative and two alternates from your organization to participate in this three day historic gathering.