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About the National Reparations Institute

On January 12, 2020, the National Reparations Institute in Atlanta, Georgia hosted its first invitational meeting of more than thirty activists, educators, clergy, organizers, investors, scholars and students for the purpose of consolidating the currently fragmented national reparations movement. 

The more than two hour discussion focused on at least four objectives and a general consensus about the broader Black reparations movement; (1) To unite and consolidate our existing movement; (2) To guide and control our own reparations narrative; (3)To facilitate and present a National Reparations Summit for the existing movement; and (4) To draft our first National Reparations Declaration (NRD) in order to provide a framework for the entire movement.

In addition, a broad range of discussions and biweekly meetings were held over a ten-month period, which created and facilitated both the physical and virtual National Reparations Summit in July-August 2020, at the Apex Museum in Atlanta, Georgia. Furthermore, it was during this first January meeting that the idea for a National Reparations Declaration was first presented and discussed.

Most attendees agreed with the concept. The NRD evolved out of our consideration and concern over the lack of a document clearly articulating the broader framework, strategy and foundational quantifications necessary to secure reparations for Blacks in America.

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