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The mission of the National Reparations Institute, Inc. is to provide comprehensive research, to develop public policy and to publish research findings and policy recommendations on behalf of the millions of Black holocaust decedents in America who are owed restitution.


The process by which a nation of people is provided with the means to repair and restore their condition, achieve complete decolonization, and make themselves whole through the ability to self-govern, self-sustain and self-defend, with their own independent land mass, economy, education, culture and high civilization.

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"This study is fundamental to any meaningful discussion validating Reparations. It should be required reading for any governmental body studying the physical and psychological impact of the rape, torture, uprooting and extermination of Africans brought to America by Europe and her allies. Skillfully using well researched data, the authors were able to reveal the systematic economic racism, and the outstanding justice claim debt that the American government must pay, if American descendants of slavery are ever to gain liberty and justice for all. "

William Rogers, PhD. Professor Emeritus Africology
University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee

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